The Indian Grooms. We all know they tend to get overlooked. The brides always steal the show on the weddings. The groom’s often sit there like predominant people whom the audience are too busy to notice. And who keeps the spectators and the photographers busy? The brides.

Just like how until date the wedding photographs have been bride concentrated, now’s the time for the groom to claim an equal space in his wedding. From getting done with the perfect wedding accessories to the wedding day costumes, the grooms are a fighting a mishmash of ideas and thoughts to look their best.

So, if you are an Indian groom to be, trying to look your best for your beautiful bride on your wedding day, or if you are a friend or the bride of a nervous groom worried about his appearance, this article is for you.

1. Try out your costumes in prior.

Even though you wouldn’t want to, TRY ON EACH OF YOUR OUTFITS (with the shoes and the accessories, undershirt, everything down to the turban/hat).

  • Walk around, make sure nothing is itchy or weird. Stand, sit down, and then stand up and sit down again, multiple times. Just do it.
  • If something feels itchy inside your suit, have it checked out by a tailor because if something feels off, it shall ruin your mood the entire wedding ceremony and it’ll be annoying.
  • And if it is possible, do your costume trail along with your bride so that you can check the combination and contrasts of your clothes and how well they gel together for a picturesque look.

2. Makeup artist is ‘NOT’ only for the bride.

For Indian grooms, makeup has been an awkward thing. For the brides, it has always been a dream to get ready for their wedding day, unlike for the grooms. But, we say, you should be excited too.

  • Even though a groom wears all his glorious outfits perfectly, when finishing touches like hair setting, applying basic sweat resistant foundation, etc., is not done, then the look shall not be complete. This is the sole reason brides have a super crisp look in their pictures.

So, we suggest you, to hire a simple makeup artist who shall help you look your best in your event and the photographs. You could simply just contact the makeup artist hired by your bride, and they shall let you know the rest.

3. Accessories can make the outfit.

Accessories play a major role. For a suit or sherwani, matching accessories to the bride can be a nice touch. 

  • But, think twice if she’s wearing colors which might not jive along with your clothes. If she’s wearing cyan, go with a fine color that you like, and then find accessories with a little hint of cyan. The tie itself doesn’t need to be solid cyan in order to match.
  • And break the ever common ‘cream and red’ combination of the sherwani. And in case it is mandatory, you should at least try out colorful chunni on it.
  • Use accessories to play up your suit – a suit pocket square, bow tie, fun socks, suspenders,–and so the list goes on. These give you an extra elegant look. 

Make it fun Mr. Groom – this is your big weekend too! 

4. Always try getting ready at the venue.

  • The journey from your home till the venue could ruin your costumes, the ironing of your clothes, losing the freshness.  
  • Similarly, make sure you have a separate room to get ready. Don’t merge it with many others, which might make things hectic for you. 
  • Also taking a room beside the bride’s room shall help the photographers take sneak peaks. 
  • A well-lit room with large windows of natural ventilation is the best for perfect photographs.
  • And if you must get ready at home, try to reach the venue at least 30mins prior to your schedule.
  • This way you’ll have time to get yourself clicked with the fresh, happier, relaxed handsome face with better smiles.

This is your once in a lifetime occasion and only way of getting back to this memory to cherish it again, is through photographs and videos. So, allotting better time to this will only make them more valuable.

5. Décor.

Décor is the next very important aspect that knits everything together for photography playing an influential role. For example, if the décor is of light color theme, and the bride and groom also finalize colors of the similar type, it looks absolutely elegant, yes…But the challenge comes then, when all the friends and relatives come onto the stage wearing absolute contrast colors. This is when the bride and groom might go out of focus. Hence, we advise you to take up contrast colors from your décor theme, which shall help you pop out beautifully in the pictures.

Hence, we advise you to take up vivid colors for your costume in the wedding making you look more vibrant, while you can always opt for lighter colors for couple shoot.

6. Friends… Friends… and Friends…!!!

  • Having friends while you get ready in your room, will make it double the more exciting. It shall give you good vibes. And let you get out of the room to your altar with an absolute hearty smile. 
  • Being surrounded by siblings, cousins and friends, who make fun of you, will work as a stress buster and let your nervousness out, leaving you happy, jovial and content. Equally they’ll help you get ready super handsome.

       Handsomeness + Super fun = Brilliant smile

What else would you want than that for your special day, Mr. Groom?

7. What else to take care of, for your special day?

A) Your feet.

You’ll have to be barefoot during your wedding ceremony [if yours is a Hindu ceremony]. You have to take your shoes off just before you step into the altar (when the bride’s side is attempting to steal your shoes).

  • There will be photos taken of your feet during the events, especially if you opt for traditional photography. Its better you’re all manicured and pedicured, rather than showing, umm, (potentially) nasty dry feet. Right?!  
  • And why not make it fun? If your bride isn’t getting her nails and feet done along with her bridesmaids, go with her! If it’s your first time to the nail salon, it’ll be less apprehensive and it’ll be a good bonding time. If your bride already has her plans, take your brother, or your best man. Basically, no excuses not to go.
  • After all, wouldn’t you want your detailed photographs to look elegant, either? 

B) Pearly Whitey Smileeeees.

You’re (definitely) going to be smiling a lot on your wedding day.

  • And if you’re a coffee drinker, or a smoker or someone prone to teeth discoloration, you’re going to want your teeth to look their best for the big day. Visit your dentist a few months ahead of your wedding.

Wouldn’t you want your handsome face smiling confidently for beautiful captures?

C) Subtlety in Scent.

  • The scent of a man is very important, so whether you continue to stick to your signature cologne, or choose something special for your occasion, don’t forget to wear a good fragrance on your wedding day. Just be sure to keep it light, since many of your relatives shall hug you.

D)  Beard Practice Makes Perfect

  • Do you love your subtle beard look? Or are you a fan of big long beards? Trial and error method from at least two months prior, is the only way to assess your beard growth if you’re going for that handsome stubble manly look for your wedding day.

E) Know how to knot your tie for your reception.

Generally to tie the knot of the tie has been a big task for many grooms getting them upset in their events, because lack of time or expertise. 

  • Most of the times, we ended up tying them for the grooms. But, not all Hyderabad photographers would know the art of tying the tie right? 😉
  • Either learn the skill in prior, or use the help of your expert friend (with good fashion sense). This will keep you more confident. 

F) Have your costumes in hangers.

It is always better to put your clothes in hangers than to fold them into squares. Since it is a big issue to iron them at the last minute. Also your pretty costume hanged on to the hanger, shall add onto the creative photograph list.

G) Never have anything in your pockets.

  • Phones, wallets, etc., always must be handed to your trusted family member/friend all the time. Having them in your pockets is a big No-No

9. Last but not the least…

Take your photographers advice…

Because, at the end of the day in your photographs, how things look, with the couple standing at the venue, the décor look, the set-up, etc., can be imagined and explained perfectly by the photographers, since they have shot numerous weddings already.

Hence, with experience, he can give you better judgements. The colors that are seen by the naked eye in trials rooms is quite different as seen and captured through a camera lens.

The final look can be easily sorted if you get in touch with your wedding photographer. Be it your clothes, or your décor, or the lighting, or even your hairstyle, they’re there for you. 🙂

Now that you know all the major points from a photographer point of view, wouldn’t your next question be as to how to find out a right wedding photographer for your occasion?

Then, go ahead with this Top 10 Steps to find your wedding photographer It sure shall help you.