Top 10 Steps to find your wedding photographer

As an epic story says, In order to have a purpose for their life, women and men were separated from each other so that they can find each other… and unite. That’s how special and significant the weddings are, the moment of finding each other…Every moment starts becoming a memory with every tick of the second. A marriage is an amalgamation of such various cheerful moments. These memories are cherished and restored somewhere at the deep corner of our brain. It doesn’t just pop up whenever it is required. We need a trigger to rewind. And most of the times the best way to rewind & relive the moment of contentment is through the amazing photographs.

It’s true, there are many moments of pain and disappointment in a relationship just like the moments of contentment. That’s reality, but when these hard moments start piling up, it can lead to some drastic decisions in life. The only entity that can save you from the apocalypse would be the your happy moments. And the happiest moment one could ever have is their wedding ceremony where your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues unite to join the celebration of your unification with your soulmate. These photographs commemorate the flavor, aroma, emotions of your wedding, enhancing your love towards your partner and boosting to work more for your relationship and prosper.

Hence, if you believe in love and don’t want to get separated, get a top best wedding photographer who can capture your happiest moments as lively as possible.

1. Ask around:

The wedding is always about the enhanced liaison – don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from industry vendors. Word of mouth is considered to be one of the most fail-safe methods of finding a photographer of your taste. Since we generally share a common style & budgets with our friends, it would optimum to ask them about their experience with their wedding photographer, as their opinions can be a great apparatus for filtering.

2. Do Your Homework – Website/ blog:

This is a simple & isolated way of knowing about wedding photographers. All you got to do is unlock your mobile and check out their websites or social media to compare and analyze their previous works. It not only gives you an idea of the work style of a photographer, but also a budget probability. Do not be deceived by the number of followers on Facebook or Instagram, as even a good looking model has got millions of followers.

3. Review their work :

It is imperative to know how the photographer is going to cover the wedding right from the start to the finish. Hence, never feel cumbersome to ask the photographer for full galleries of their past weddings. This is going to help you classify and compare the photographers that you have listed according to their work style and budget. Do not be deceived by just checking the highlights of the portfolio as anyone can clump together few great images for their online portfolio. Instead talk to the couples, about their favorite moments and experience with the photographer. This could take you a step ahead in understanding the photographer.

4.Set Up Interviews/ Skype call :

Deciding on a wedding photographer is not a cake walk. It involves huge amounts of money and emotions. So you can’t just decide on looks alone. If you like the photographer style and work & if budget is within your ballpark range, then place a call to see if they are available for your wedding date. If they are not, you may want to see if they have an associate or if they could refer a photographer of similar workstyle. If you are ready with the dates, venue, duration, wedding style, then it would be the time to meet your potential photographers in person and discuss the details in detail.

5.ask them if they won any recognition or bagged awards in recent If they have any recognition or awards, that would definitely be a step ahead towards building confidence over the photographer’s work grade. So never forget to ask about their achievements.

6. Get the scope of Post-Production Details:

Know what is included in the page as a part of deliverables. Do not forget to ask the number of images that you can expect, high resolution or low resolution. Know whether the images are retouched versions or if it is edited after selecting images of my choice. In order to obtain great enhancement in the color correction, the photographer usually shoots the files in raw format rather than the typical jpg format. This takes a longer time to upload edit them. According to most of the photographers, it usually takes an additional 40 hours of work in editing images from a single wedding. Overall it would take an average of six to eight weeks depending on the schedule of the photographer.

7.Know your Pricing and hidden charges :

This is where, the probability of conflicts and misunderstandings may rise. Be sure of what you are getting for what you are paying. Know the price, hidden charges, if there are any additional events, online streaming & LED screens, if the prices are inclusive or exclusive of taxes etc.

8. Time Allocation:

It is very important to know the time the photographer will be allotting for the event. A day doesn’t mean a complete day in the dictionary of any photographer.

9. Agree on the details and ask for contract to protect both the parties.

Be clear on your requirements and their provisions. By when do you want the photographs and the album to be delivered? Would you like to have a large format print for the frame or a wedding album? Will the photographer provide you all the images? How many events are you hiring him to cover? Meet them in person and discuss the details. Be clear and agree on the details and ask for a contract to protect both the parties.


10. lastly book them immediately before they are filled.

Once you found a rapport with the photographer, never spend forever to book him for your wedding. Because photographers with good skills are in high demand and they are booked within a blink of an eye. Some dates are highly golden and finding a perfect photographer under such heavy demand is nearly impossible. So never delay in booking the photographer of your interest for your wedding as no one would be willing to waste their time on the whole process again.