There are some worthy celebrations in life which shall be too close to your heart and shall require special attention. Weddings are one such most important occasions in your life and its decorations play an important aspect of your event hence you need to be more cautious while planning it. It is quite essential to plan well in advance so as to escape the last minute apprehensive hassles. Be it inside a hall or outside in the open. Be it a day-time Haldi ceremony or a night time cocktail party for your reception. It is the lighting and décor arrangements that shall make your event truly magical, worthy and special. Because the bulbs, lights and colors that you select, will ultimately brighten up your venue, add charm and beauty to your photographs and keep the occasion going with lots of fun and brightness.

So, how do you plan it?

That’s not as difficult as you imagine. In fact, it is quite easy and super-duper fun to plan. And it is one of best ways to put forth your design visions and style to the world- be it romantic or modern or glam or traditional. And when you do start your planning, the options might be endless, as you keep scrolling. But it’s all worth it, when you finalize on a design that caters your venue, style and budget.

Here we, the photographers from VOWS studio, give you the most important aspects (the Do’s and Don’ts) to keep in mind before you go ahead with your décor and lighting planning. Because now is time for you to choose the right light to be in the SPOTLIGHT. 😉


Number One: Photo Booths

Quite many people would try taking selfies/photographs at weddings which would eventually make the place crowded. Many of the guests that come get hesitant to get onto the stage for photographs, worrying about the crowd. Hence, consider a separate special corner for photo booths for family and friends. Consider your photographer for the best suggestions while you choose your spot. Keep the spot well-lit with yellow and white lights and probably decorate the booth with quirky and fun decorations with different wedding themes/décor ideas.


Number Two: Light Installations for the shooting.

Do you hate when photographers fix light stands and restrict your circulation?

Well, we HATE them too…

This can only be avoided if the photographer and event decorator meet in prior to the event, so that the required lights can be placed at the required spots for best photographs. This way we can tuck the lights in the stage décor and make it invisible.


Number Three: Design of the Altar (Mandapam)

Lighting at the background shouldn’t dominate you. Choose colors in such a way that the background looks subtle and not gaudy. Make sure you use ‘Face-lighting’. That will help in better brightness of the event and make things hassle free.

Also, strictly no use of glass or mirror like reflective elements of the décor on your stage. Else, the photographers’ reflections shall be captured in your photos, which neither you, nor us, would like.

Always try to use vivid and contrast colors, either for the stage backdrop or to your costume. If one is subtle, the other is ought to be vivid. This is the best way to make your photographs more beautiful and worthy.


Number Four: Wires, wires and more wires

Do you hate when the wires in the hall get too much annoying and wind around your feet, making it impossible for you to walk in your heavy clothes?

Well then, we seriously hate them too, yet again…

That is why we suggest you, if you could get your event decorator design a mini stage right in front of the main altar, so that they can tuck all the required equipment and wires under that. This shall greatly help both the photo/videographers and the audience, with a lot of peace.

Plus, we would need quite many power slots, to charge our equipment while we shoot. You would not want us running around the hall searching for power slots, disturbing you and the audience, and ourselves, would you? Hence, having power slots at the either sides of the stage are extremely important.


Number Five: Separate spot for Traditional photographers

Especially in Telugu weddings, it would be best if you could arrange a separate specific spot for photographers/videographers to shoot the traditional/conventional types of shoot. Specifically, if possible, right opposite to the priests. This is the best way to let the photographers shoot all of the event and all the family members, for your album.

Also, it is better if there are at least 2 rows of vacuum behind the mini stage (the photographers’ stage). This way, the audience will not experience any blocking of the views, and shall be easy to walk around.

Number Six: LED Screens

It is better to have LED screens if you expect a huge gathering (of 1000 or above).

Well, because, the guests who come, don’t really only come for the food right? They would also want to have a great view of the gorgeous couple getting married out there. Hence, fix up two LED screens in the wedding hall, so that everybody gets to see the process clearly, without feeling left out.


Number Eight : Types of Lighting

The right lighting can make everything look ten times better while the wrong ones can kill everything


It is usually placed from underneath given at the entrance of venue or on the walls to create a perfect eventful drama. It is also known as ambient décor lighting.

Try not to use more than two colors for this type of lighting. It is best considered when it is kept simple with just these lights on the side walls and ceiling.

(Insert image)


This is placed just below the ceiling facing towards the main stage. Lighting from top angle is always considered good from photography point of view. Because if it placed at the base, from below, it would create shadow overcasts, every time people walk past them.

(Insert image)

TIP: Use Warm lighting or Cool lighting. But DON’T mix both.


These are to set to make your certain arrangements glow; it can also be used alternatively for spotlights. It shall add extra attention to your décor. Apply this on tables, wish trees, dance floor etc. You can also illuminate the entire table rather than just a center part on it. But washes can be exploiting in open venues where the pin-spotting does not illustrate much of an effect.

(Insert image)

Intelligent Lighting

Also famous as LEDs. These are moving lights which can be used to paint your event in one tone at a time and then switch to another

LEDs are a big NO-NO, if not used properly.

It is a myth that the use of LEDs make your event look very grand. But that ain’t true. But if you still insist on having them, make sure they don’t overcast over you. Else, the colors that they project shall change the way we humans look, ruining the photographs.

If you do go ahead for such lightings, make sure that you always use people friendly colors like pinks, blues, ambers or lavenders, etc. Strictly avoid skin unfriendly colors like reds, yellows, dark greens, etc., since they shall ruin the photographs. It shall take ages for the photographers to correct them and sometimes impossible too.


Alas, before you finalize your planning of the above, please do check with your photography team if whether they bridge the gap between the photography department and the décor department. Because, we at VOWS do that…

But how do you choose your photography team???

Well, this 10 things to consider before choosing your wedding photographer blog shall help you choose the right one.

So, no more waiting. Hope we’ve given you ample number of precautions to take care of, to design your décor and brighten up your venue.

But, hey, there’s another highly important aspect to take of, for your wedding.

The Groom…!!!

Yes the groom. If you haven’t made a decision yet about how the groom shall get ready, then

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