Are you planning your wedding in 2022 post covid?

If you are looking for Best Telugu wedding dates? This blog will give you all the auspicious wedding dates 2022

DID YOU KNOW ? Hindu wedding dates are calculated based on planetary movements and other important factors. Astrologers perform complex mathematical calculations and identify the Muhurtham days. These days are listed out in a panchangam with detailed definition of the tithi, yogam, the dominant nakshatra, and various other vital information.Though the panchangam lists out auspicious days and times for a wedding, specific Muhurtham dates and time for weddings are decided based on the specific horoscope of the bride and groom. To make this easier, we have provided a list of auspicious days for 2022.

Best Wedding Dates in 2022

Well, We all know how 2020 messed up with all of us. Not only the bride and groom but also everyone who attends the weddings. we can understand how all the girls miss dressing up and the food lovers out there missing yummy wedding food. We already know how all the things got postponed in 2020 & 2021 and everyone is searching for a SKIP button to jump into 2022 right now. Hopefully, 2022 should be a new year of joy and happiness without a facemask.

According to the survey conducted in the Indian wedding industry, there will be huge traffic in the weddings because many of us postponed our wedding events to 2021 & 2022. To start your wedding preparations for 2022 below are the auspicious wedding dates to start your planning with,

Here are the Luckiest Wedding Dates For Your 2022 Wedding!

Marriage dates 2022 April

2nd April | Saturday

3rd April | Sunday

6th April | Wednesday

7th April | Thursday

8th April | Friday

13th April | Wednesday

14th April | Thursday

15th April | Friday

16th April | Saturday

17th April | Sunday

21st April | Thursday

22nd April | Friday

25th April | Monday

Hindu marriage dates in 2022 May

3rd May | Tuesday

4th May | Wednesday - For Telugu Wedding

12th May | Thursday - For Telugu Wedding

13th May | Friday

14th May | Saturday

15th May | Sunday

18th May | Wednesday - For Telugu Wedding

20th May | Friday - For Telugu Wedding

21st May | Saturday - For Telugu wedding

22nd May | Sunday - For Telugu Wedding

25th May | Wednesday - For Telugu Wedding

Auspicious wedding dates 2022 June

1st June | Wednesday - For Telugu Wedding

3rd June | Friday - For Telugu Wedding

5th June | Saturday - For Telugu Wedding

8th June | Wednesday - For Telugu Wedding

9th June Thursday - For Telugu Wedding

10th June | Friday - For Telugu Wedding

15th June | Wednesday - For Telugu Wedding

16th June | Thursday

17th June | Friday- For Telugu Wedding

18th June | Saturday- For Telugu Wedding

19th June | Sunday- For Telugu Wedding

22nd June | Wednesday- For Telugu Wedding

23rd June | Thursday - For Telugu Wedding

Best marriage dates 2022 July

Aashadam | No Muhurtham Dates

Auspicious wedding dates in 2022 August

3rd August Wednesday- For Telugu Wedding

4th August Thursday- For Telugu Wedding

5th August Friday- For Telugu Wedding

6th August Saturday- For Telugu Wedding

10th August Wednesday- For Telugu Wedding

11th August Thursday- For Telugu Wedding

13th August Saturday- For Telugu Wedding

17th August Wednesday- For Telugu Wedding

20th August Saturday- For Telugu Wedding

21st August Sunday- For Telugu Wedding

Shubh muhurat wedding dates in 2022 September

No Muhurtham dates

Wedding dates in 2022 October

No Muhurtham dates

Telugu muhurtham dates 2022 November

No Muhurtham dates

The last month before the Winter Starts , November is the perfect month to get married, the weather cools down a little, there are light showers and also since its non-peak wedding season, the vendor rates are slightly less and availability is high. So if you are on a tight budget and yet don’t want to have a full blown monsoon wedding, June is your pick!

Auspicious Muhurtham dates 2022 December

2nd December | Friday

7th December | Wednesday

8th December | Thursday

9th December | Friday

10th December | Saturday

11th December | Sunday

14th December | Wednesday

16th December | Friday

17th December | Saturday

18th December | Sunday

now that you chose your date, the next thing is to choose your venue according to season of your wedding , outfits according to your design taste and decor according to your idea of wedding. And if you're someone who doesn't want to take this headache ,you can hire an event manager who can achieve all these things .