COVID masks for brides!

Who would have thought brides were going to wear a mask for their wedding. We all know that due to this pandemic, all the brides of this season should wear a mask for their protection. Indian weddings are all about big fat celebration with all their loved ones. No matter when your wedding is because any wedding takes a lot of time and effort to plan. But, reducing the guest list isn’t the only answer to save their big day. We have to be more careful while even choosing the little details. The couples can make a statement with the little things they choose during their wedding.

It’s every bride’s dream to look perfect in her outfit from top to bottom on her big day. because we all know how hard it is for a bride to find her dream outfit and the makeup artist to fulfill her attire. But, due to this pandemic outbreak, our brides may not be satisfied wearing a regular mask on her wedding. so why not wear a designer mask and rock those bride looks with confidence.

 Why is it important for a bride to wear a mask?

Brides and grooms are the main people who are going to meet all the guests at their wedding. So, it’s very important to wear a mask to remain safe. Take all the safety measures possible to be safe at your wedding because you don’t want to get sick in this situation.

Make sure you choose the right mask for your wedding because a mask should be of at least three layers for protection. Well, looking beautiful is important but not at your own risk.

How to choose a mask?

We all understood now how important a mask is, but don’t worry you can choose a mask according to your outfit or your partner’s outfit. you can also choose a mask according to the theme of your wedding. All the bridesmaids can have a matching mask saying “Team Bride” or any other design.

It’s all in your creativity and research, there are various pictures available on the internet for your reference already. So, choose the one which is comfortable and fits perfect for your choice.

Tips to design your mask

1.match it to your dress or saree pallu

All the saree lovers can match your mask to your saree pallu, and can also use your saree border design on your mask to make it prettier.

2.match it to your blouse color

You can match it with your blouse by adding a little contrast. All the south Indian brides mostly wear a saree for the ceremony, so matching it with your blouse is a great option.

3.match it with the groom’s pagidi

You can try matching with your man’s pagidi. pagidi is something which a south Indian groom wears on the head during the ceremony. It can complement both the couple

4.match it with groom’s dress

Matching your mask with your groom’s dress is a great option. It can be a good contrast with your outfit. you both can a wear mask which matches your partner’s outfit.

5.match it with your décor or theme of your wedding

If you have a particular theme for the wedding, you can match your mask to the theme. The couple can try wearing a matching mask if they want to match the theme. Also, your bridesmaids can wear a similar mask according to the theme.


Planning your stuff for a wedding is such an important step. Get in touch with the designer of the place where you’re getting your outfit made beforehand itself. To get the right mask you want, explain to them the details you want and, you can get an idea of the design.

You’ll have time to give your suggestions and take their ideas to make that beautiful mask if you have a good time beforehand. So, try to plan it accordingly. There are so many wedding designers who can make a great mask for your wedding.

Choosing your makeup!

Yes! Makeup can make or break your look, choosing the right makeup look with the mask might be a little confusing. Indians have great eyes, so why not try to make them look prettier by enhancing them with the right makeup.

You can try a nice smokey eye look to make them pop more. Because you can’t show your lips with the mask on, why not make your eyes the attraction right?

And finally, look confident in anything you wear. So, don’t worry and panic as it’s going to be your day and you should have fun and enjoy it with loved people around you. It’s your choice of wearing a regular one or a designer one until you are happy and safe.