Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to begin? We get it, and we got you. Whether your wedding was originally scheduled for Summer 2020 and you've since had to reschedule, or your date is a few months from now but you're just not sure what to do? It’s an unpredictable time for all couples and the question like "what’s next with weddings after COVID-19" is keeping every one in dilama.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the current limitations restrict group gatherings to less than 100 guests. What exactly, then, does this mean for weddings after COVID overall? With A guide by Vows by siddhu soma on how to deal with this pandemic COVID-19 Here you'll find all of our advice and ideas for navigating wedding planning amid COVID-19.

To Start with first Pick a wedding date from these wedding dates

Hindu Wedding Dates in 2020

Hindu Wedding Date in November 2020

4th November | Wednesday

10th November |Tuesday

18th November |Wednesday | 12am-1:17am

20th November |Friday| 9:15 am

20th November | Friday | 11 am

20th November |Friday | 9:45 am

22nd November | Sunday

25th November | Wednesday | 12am-3:55PM

26th November | Thursday | 5.10am - 7.35am

27th November | Friday

30th November | Monday

December 2020 Hindu Wedding Dates

1st December | Tuesday | 6:30 am- 6:31 am

2nd December | Wednesday | 6:31am - 10:38 am

7th December | Monday | 7:20am to 2:32pm

8th December | Tuesday | 1:48pm to 11:59 pm

9th December| Wednesday | 6:37am to 11:59pm

10th December | Thursday |12am to 2:07am

11th December | Friday | 8:48am to 3:51pm

12th December | Saturday

15th December | Tuesday

20th December | Sunday

24th December | Thursday

25th December | Friday

27th December | Sunday

Best Wedding Dates in 2021

Well, We all know how 2020 messed up with all us. Not only the bride and groom but also everyone who attend the weddings. we can understand how all the girls miss dressing up and the food lovers out there missing on yummy wedding food. We already know how all the things got postponed in 2020 and everyone are searching for a SKIP button to jump into 2021 right now:P .Hopefully, 2021 should be a new year of joy and happiness without a facemask.

According to the survey conducted in Indian wedding industry, there will a be a huge traffic in the weddings because many of us postponed our wedding events to 2021.

So, hurry up and book your favourite photographers, vendors and the event mangers in advance because 2021 is just 90 days away :P

to start your wedding preparations for 2021 below are the auspicious wedding dates to start your planning with,

Click Here For Aspisous 2021 Wedding Dates [Hindu Muhurtham]

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